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Thailand customs and culture
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Sex in Thai Culture

Deva Guardian

National Symbols

King's Birthday

Queen Sirikit

Thai Women

Royal Ploughing

Royal Kathin

Royal Processions

Land Processions

Royal Barge



Grand Palace



Muay Thai

Thai Food

Thai Herbs, Spices

Thai Fruits


OTOP Souvenirs


Legends, Folkstales

Performing Arts

Thai Music


Kite Flying

Culture, Customs & Traditions of Thailand


Thai culture


The following texts and images are taken from Thailand: Traits and Treasures, published by The National Identity Board, ©2005 by Office of The Permanent Secretary, The Prime Minister’s Office, Royal Thai Government, ISBN 974-9771-52-4 (without footnotes and annotations).

Sanook (or: sanuk)
Most prominent among the cultural traits of Thai society is sanuk, an essential ingredient of the Thai way of life. More...
Phra Sayam Thewathirat
The Thai people believe that Phra Sayam Thewathirat is a Deva-guardian, or supreme deity, safeguarding the Nation, the King and the Royal Family. More...
The national symbols of Thailand
Thailand’s best-known national symbol, the elephant, has been associated with the Thai people for centuries. More...
sex in thai culture Sex in Thai culture
In America, you can say anything but you can't do it. In Thailand, you can do anything but you can't talk about it. More...
The Thai monarchy
The Thai people have an invaluable cultural heritage that their forefathers had diligently created and maintained for posterity to be proud of. More...
Archaeology and history
What is now Thailand has been home to a number of ethnic groups since the dawn of human history. More...
Traditional sports: Takraw - The rattan ball game
Takraw is played in various versions, in most parts of Southeast Asia, but perhaps nowhere else with the enthusiasm and vigour shown by the Thais. More...
Traditional Thai sports: Muay Thai - Thai boxing
Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, the most favorite martial arts of the Thai has been in existence for almost as long as the Thai themselves. More...
H. M. the King’s birthday anniversary
In the past, Thailand did not have any distinct royal ceremonies to celebrate the monarch’s birthday anniversary, as is practised nowadays. More...
The role of Thai women: Queen Sirikit
Understanding the many facets of the role of Thai women broadens and deepens foreign readers’ knowledge about Thai culture. More...
The role of Thai women in broad perspective
Rooted in an agrarian society, culture and economy, Thai women have played vital roles throughout the kingdom’s history. More...
The Royal Ploughing Ceremony
The Ploughing Ceremony marks the start of the season when paddy land is prepared for rice cultivation. More...
Thai food
It is probably not an easy task for anyone to trace back the history of Thai food. More...
Thai herbs and spices
Herbs and spices are almost synonymous with Thai food. The more the herbs, the more spicy the food.
Thai fruits
For hundreds of year ,Thai fruits and the life of the Thai people have been interwoven. More...
Thai handicrafts
Thai handicrafts are the products of intricate creativity and long held heritage of the Thai people in various parts of the country. More...

The Royal Kathin Ceremony
Kathin is a Pali word for the wooden frame used to measure length and width by which the robes of Buddhist monks are cut. More...
Royal processions
In history, royal processions were, first and foremost, to display might and discourage the enemy. More...
Royal processions on land
As of yore, royal processions on land were composed of elephants, horses and troops marching. More...
The Royal Barge Suphannahong
The Royal Barge Suphannahong is known worldwide as a masterpiece of Thai cultural heritage. More...
Religions in Thailand
Every Thai constitution since 1932 has provided that a person shall have complete freedom to profess any religion. More...
Thai architecture
Since historical time, Thai architecture has been grouped into three categories: Buddhist temples and their monasteries, palaces, and houses. More...
The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace was the principal residence of the king and the royal family as well as the premise of the royal household in the past. More...
OTOP - Souveniers from Thailand
One Tambon One Product [OTOP] development strategy at subdistrict level has been launched by the Royal Thai Government, as of the year 2004. More...
Thai literature
Thai literature has had a long history. Even before the establishment of the Sukhothai Kingdom there existed oral and written works. More...
Thai legends and folkstales
Legends and Folktales customarily consist of tales and stories handed down from generations to generations. More...
Traditional performing arts in Thailand
The traditional performing arts in Thailand provide an excellent insight into Thai cultural identity and its rich variety. More...
Traditional Thai music
Traditional Thai music has characteristics of both art and science. It has finally become a vital element of the Thai way of life. More...
Festivals of Thailand
Yala is an ancient city with a history of coexisting cultures where Thai, Muslim and Chinese communities live in harmony. More...
Traditional sports: Kite flying
Kite-flying has been a sport favoured by Thais since ancient times, during the period when the southwest monsoon blows, between March and May. More...


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