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Thailand customs and culture
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From: Thailand: Traits and Treasures, National Identity Board, ©2005 by Office of The Permanent Secretary, The Prime Minister’s Office, ISBN 974-9771-52-4


In history, royal processions were, first and foremost, identical with the strategy of proceeding, in war time, to the battlefield in impressive military formation, so as to display might and discourage the enemy. At times of peace, royal processions had been organized by royal command, for the king to perform eminent royal ceremonies. These included the royal processions to pay homage to prominent Buddha images, or to present kathin robes, conducted on land or by water.

Royal processions in the tradition of military parades are still being staged. They are, however, of ceremonial nature, such as trooping the colours with units of all armed forces saluting the king, and soldiers taking their oath and pledging their loyalty. Such event is a display of various regalia of the monarchy, with invited guests in attendance.

Taken from: Thailand: Traits and Treasures. The National Identity Board, Royal Thai Government 2005.


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